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Best Umzug

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We clear and dispose of everything expertly and in an environmentally-friendly manner

  • Leave anything you don’t need when you move
  • After households have broken up, moves into old people’s homes or in the event of an eviction
  • Furniture and waste materials are separated on site: combustible, metal, glass/china and special waste (such as electrical waste, paint, tyres etc.)
  • Economic disposal with our refuse vehicle. 7 tonne capacity. It can take whole items of furniture thanks to its strong crusher (no need to expensively dismantle beforehand)
  • Disposal charges: per 100kg/ CHF 35.00 plus labor

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Our expert staff will dismantle, remove and dispose of fixed installations in your property

  • We will organise and coordinate all specialist works such brick/stone, electrical, ground, plumbing and cleaning work
  • Houses, flats, offices, shops and business premises
  • Filling in drilled holes and painting walls etc.
  • Final cleaning to make the property attractive to potential residents
  • Handover of property to householder / manager.


Preparing property

  • We provide good value total solutions so that your property is in a condition to be viewed by a prospective buyer
  • One contact point for all works
  • We will be happy to give you a quote

Best Umzug AG - Clearance and disposal

Valuable advice

Moving is a matter of experience. Even if you do not move with us as a partner, we have provided you with useful information for download for FREE.


Use our moving shop, it's worth it in several ways:

  • Save valuable time
  • Reduce your invoice amount
  • Protect your moving property
  • Everything for your move conveniently in one place
  • Secure your benefits here